About SolveCast™
What Is SolveCast?

SolveCast™ obsessively tracks the worlds problems and how to solve them. We struggle every day to make sense of analysis around us, to connect the dots of cause and effect as it relates to important topics such as the environment (eg., climate change), social policy (eg., illegal immigration), medicine (eg., what causes cancer), economics (eg., the impact of minimum wage), even business problems (impact of implementing a software solution at a business) and more.

Additionally, the SolveCast framework plays a significant role in creating and monitoring business strategies. Please learn more about SolveCast for enterprise here.

SolveCast is a product of Thabble.com. For more information, you can contact us.

How It Works

SolveCast continuously monitors online media, primary data and other secondary data sources to collect topics (people, places and things). We use machine learning and collective wisdom to find and rate all potential inputs and outputs for any given problem or solution. Once we have identified problems and solutions, we accumulate all associated possible factors. For example, a topic like climate change has 100s of associations, from carbon capture storage to air travel. These associations are further classified into "agitators" and "solvers" which respectively may decrease or increase climate change (e.g., solar energy is a "solver" to climate change and carbon emissions are an "agitator" to climate change). And, climate change itself is an agitator or solver for other entities (e.g., climate change is an "agitator" to flooding).

With this framework, we can provide both individuals and organizations a better understanding of the inputs and outputs for virtually any problem.

SolveCast Media Network

SolveCast works with media properties (e.g., publishers, podcasters), academia, market research organizations and industry to provide perspectives on the world's problems using our rich data set. The value to the network is additional distribution, data driven content ideas, content development help and more. For more information, please contact Mike Zeinfeld on LinkedIn.

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SolveCast is a product of Thabble, LLC