Opioids In The Workplace: Why Employers Need To Act Now

As the devastating numbers of opioid addiction, overdoses and deaths continue to escalate, so do the threats facing families, careers, businesses, communities and the economy. With over 75% of Americans struggling with substance use disorder actively employed, this crisis continues to present new and complex situations for employers to navigate.

By exposing the horrific realities of the opioid epidemic, Cheryl Canzanella shares her husband’s journey through active addiction, road to recovery and his final battle lost to overdose.

She sheds light on the profound impact within the workplace as employers face absenteeism, lower productivity, higher turnover, retraining, increased workers comp claims, disability and health care costs. As an employer, what steps are you taking to manage the risks associated with opioid abuse? Are you prepared to guide your employees through this unforgiving battle? Can you identify the warning signs? Do you know what questions to ask or resources to offer?

Cheryl Canzanella

Interviewed by Chris Clews
Speaker/Author of the book series
“What 80s Pop Culture Teaches Us About Today’s Workplace”.


Chris Clews
Keynote Speaker/Author/Founder at Pop Culture Creations/Marketing Consultant
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