Communication + Eating Disorders with Kaitlyn Chana, Founder & President Reel Stories Real People

In this episode of SolveCast, we talk to Kaitlyn Chana. Kaitlyn is founder of Reel Stories Real People, a grassroots organization dedicated to giving a voice to positive causes through video-based media.

In middle school, Kaitlyn fell in love with storytelling, an event which snowballed into her becoming an advocate for untold stories. As a reporter, she often spoke at schools, where she noticed "a disconnect of how we talked about eating disorders and mental illness in the classroom." Kaitlyn was frustrated with the lack of conversations and solutions around eating disorders, a problem with which she herself was all too familiar.

One day, she realized that her storytelling experience was her strongest tool to approach these sensitive issues. Now, Reel Stories Real People takes that idea home. Reel Stories Real People is currently working on a project entitled 'Empty on eating disorders,’ composed of a guided curriculum and upcoming narrative education film. Kaitlyn shares some of the difficulties of bringing together this important project for a wide spectrum of audiences - such a sensitive topic requires the knowledge of a broad range of health experts as well as the legal know-how to get it all done.

Beyond that project, Kaitlyn offers some advice on how companies can "create a culture and environment where everyone feels supported."

Ultimately, she reflects on how we should all be open to accepting ourselves in tough times. Join SolveCaster Chris Clews to hear about how Kaitlyn and Reel Stories Real People are using storytelling to make a difference.

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