SolveCast™ For Business
SolveCast Business is the problem-solution platform.

Your business fails or thrives as a solution that addresses a problem, yet there are few analytical options organized around this framework. SolveCast helps you understand your market and how your product fits into it - today and tomorrow. By using a problem-solution framework, SolveCast can help you eliminate blind spots and focus on the factors that will sustain growth.

Empathy from every perspective.

From customers to employees, every stakeholder impacting your organization has their own perspective. Internally, perhaps people do not feel heard. Or perhaps the organization is not aligned to a source of truth and resulting business strategy. Externally, customers and partners have "pains" that they are trying to solve. Using a straightforward approach, SolveCast combines internal perspectives and external perspectives to help you develop and monitor a winning strategy that will be understood, internalized and more likely to be executed by your organization.

Focus on what matters.

Regardless of your company size, all businesses are resource constrained and are challenged to focus on key business drivers. SolveCast helps you and your team prioritize and stay focused on key drivers of success.

Building, refining or evaluating a business strategy? Start with SolveCast.

With SolveCast for business, you can look beyond your brand as a construct and understand your brand as a solution. How do your customers view the problem your product solves and what are the full set of solutions in the marketplace? Which direct and indirect competitors are trying to solve these problems? What messaging are competitors using to communicate value? How do you align organizational resources appropriately?

Evaluate, analyze and integrate disruption.

What will your business look like next year? In five years? With sources of disruption coming from so many places, organizations often struggle integrating these factors into operational and strategic planning. With SolveCast, you can identify, understand and monitor potential disruptors.

Align your organization to a common understanding of the market.

Do you ever have the feeling that your organization does not have a common understanding of your "market"? From enterprise to small organizations, mis-alignment can make it difficult to execute on strategy, affecting revenue, efficiency and organizational effectiveness. SolveCast can help articulate internal and external perspectives, allowing you to identify internal and external perspective gaps.

Fast and continuous implementation.

No need to wait for lengthy market research studies, SolveCast begins generating data for you immediately. Track market changes continuously. SolveCast can be customized to help inform business decisions in just a few hours.

Accelerating success for your entire organization:
  • MARKETING and POSITIONING: Develop a strategy aligned to key customer drivers and organizational goals.
  • INNOVATION and TECHNOLOGY: Develop an innovation plan aligned to stakeholder needs, future scenarios and operational capabilities.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Determine impact and ease of execution for technology, operational and marketing tactics. Keep your organization on track.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT: Monitor and discover risk externally and internally.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: Create a single strategic direction by mapping out and comparing perspectives of key stakeholders.
  • UNDERSTAND EXTERNALITIES: A systematic way to incorporate PESTEL - political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal - factors into your operations.
  • MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS SUPPORT: Validate business opportunities and assumptions, reducing investment risk and accelerating due diligence effectiveness.
  • CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: Align content development efforts with the needs of your target market.

Some of your most important data sources are available with SolveCast, made even more relevant:
  • Collective wisdom (internal and external): A framework for incorporating the opinion of internal management and external experts into decision making.
  • Adwords: Although many organizations use AdWords to help with digital advertising, SolveCast enables you to use Adwords data as a signal to inform business strategy. Of course, you can also generate keyword ideas, review competitive ad copy and understand keyword value.
  • Google Trends: Monitor changes in search patterns to identify what's trending to help inform marketing, operational and financial decision making.
  • Media Monitoring: Monitor thousands of data sources for the problems, solutions and brands you care about (including your own).
  • Social Monitoring: Monitor Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for top links, signaling what content the market cares about.
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