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The Problem

Your organization’s success or failure hinges on its ability to create a product that solves a relevant problem. But today’s competitive landscape is changing with increasing velocity. Your customer tomorrow will look different than your customer today. Disruption comes from where you would least expect it. Problems lurk in corners you never knew existed- or sometimes in plain sight. Success is dependent on market fit, solving for your customer’s pains with a sustainable business model.

The Solution

From customers to employees, SolveCast™ helps give you a complete picture of the problems and associated solutions that matter most to your business- today and tomorrow. To accomplish this, we collect diverse perspectives from sources such as the media, industry experts, employees, stakeholders and market research to provide a comprehensive and exhaustive list of solutions for any given problem. We use machine learning to do it ultra fast. What emerges is a powerful tool to help you diagnose your customer pains, solve for your own problems, and even understand how your business fits into the world.

SolveCast For Business is the solution platform

Features & Benefits

Keep pace with your changing market

Disruptive innovation is changing the way the world works. And it’s creating opportunity, but only for those who can keep up with the pace or reinvent themselves to thrive. SolveCast help you identify new technologies and new ways of doing business in real-time.

Discover cross-domain problems and solutions

SolveCast incorporates global topics into analysis, giving you a 360 degree view of the needs you are trying to solve. Drawing on information from diverse sources, you can identify direct, indirect and edge factors which may have a significant impact on your business. SolveCast can even recommend common themes during ideation sessions in real-time, creating new paths for innovation.

Continuously inform any strategic framework

From SWOT Analysis to the Business Model Canvas, the study of management has produced countless frameworks to help guide how you think about your business. And there are so many fantastic and emerging frameworks, it is difficult to keep up. SolveCast can inform virtually any strategic framework with the key factors of your business that you have identified. And, SolveCast can help continuously suggest new factors to consider.

Segment your customers

How do your customers (and other stakeholders) view the problem your product solves and what are the full set of solutions in the marketplace? Create simulated stakeholder groupings on the fly. SolveCast can even recommend groupings and help you understand key attributes and behaviors.

Connect Activities With Strategy

Regardless of your company size, all businesses are resource constrained and are challenged to focus on key business drivers. SolveCast helps you and your team prioritize and stay focused on key drivers of success.

Understand Perspectives

From customers to employees, every stakeholder impacting your organization has their own perspective. Internally, perhaps people do not feel heard. Or perhaps the organization is not aligned to a source of truth and resulting business strategy. Using a straightforward approach, SolveCast helps you develop and monitor a strategy that will be understood and internalized by your organization.

SolveCast In Action


Explore TopicsSearch from 1000s of pre-defined topics.

Choose from 1000s of pre-defined multi-disciplinary topics. SolveCast tracks these topics by aggregating millions of news articles, collecting expert opinions and much more. Receive alerts when new associations, causes and effects emerge. For example, interested in how Blockchain might affect your software product? Follow Blockchain to monitor the factors which may predict the uptake of Blockchain and in turn how this technolgoy may affect your future growth.


Add Custom TopicsAdd custom problems, solutions and organizational information.

Add topics which are relevant to your business, such as products, services, stakeholders, personas, jobs-to-be-done and more. Describe topics in plain english - SolveCast will automatically suggest associations for your consideration set. For example, submit the customer pain "On airline flights, airline passengers feel cramped when seating in coach". SolveCast will suggest input factors such as length of flight and output factors such as (reduced time) to evacuate plane.


Map InteractionsUnderstand, identify and diagnose your most important business drivers.

Perspectives map how your topics interact with each others (a factor tree). Perspectives are the source of truth to which you analyze information and make decisions. An incredibly powerful tool as you can now diagnose problems, find solutions and roll up thousands of topics to find innovation opportunities, potential disruptors and more.

True wisdom is knowing what you don't know

Identify Solutions

Powered by machine learning and human perspectives.

Not just technology. SolveCast integrates real human perspectives in combination with machine learning.

SolveCast can integrate stakeholder perspectives, market research, expert viewpoints and the media to help give you a comprehensive and exhaustive set of problem-solution possibilities. You can use SolveCast out-of-the-box with pre-built data sources. Or, SolveCast can be customized to help inform business decisions, including custom research projects with partners. Get into your stakeholders heads and make the information usable.

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Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.

Tom Freston

How To Engage

Platform Only

No harder than using Facebook or LinkedIn, simply register on and go. Using your own input as well as the 1000s of topics SolveCast tracks, you just may find the next big solution or improve your understanding of your business.

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Platform + Sprint

A high energy, agile approach to organizational improvements. Participate in a focused sprint to address or define a specific organizational issue. Participants may include only your own company in combination with top-tier consultants. Or broaden the involvement to include non-competitive peers or even target customers. Sprints start periodically. Topics and participants are chosen based on group collaboration and need. The SolveCast platform is leveraged to aggregate perspectives, diagnose problems and find solutions.

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Platform + Partner

Partner with a strategy, innovation, operations or marketing consultant firm to utilize the SolveCast platform. You can bring your own partner or utilize a SolveCast partner. By adding SolveCast to your project or workflow, you will increase project effectiveness and enhance results.

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