Welcome to the solving for Inequality dashboard. We are aggregating and prioritizing the key factors of Inequality. We call these factors BLOCKS.

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Blocks for Inequality, according to SolveCasters. Choose a Block below for more information. Or choose a different perspective above to view Blocks from that point of view.
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Minimum Wage Priority 1 month ago
Covid-19 Priority 3 months ago
The World High Priority 3 months ago
Reducing the impact of Covid-19 on Illinois Priority 3 months ago

When we doubled our minimum wage to $70k, we didn't raise fees 1 cent on our small-business customers.

How? I slashed my CEO pay, we saved big on costs like turnover/training and our happy employees drove in more business.

A higher minimum wage can work without higher prices.

https://twitter.com/DanPriceSeattle/status/1351276598306119682?s=20 [more]

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