Welcome to the solving for Climate Change dashboard. We are aggregating and prioritizing the key factors of Climate Change. We call these factors BLOCKS.

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Blocks for Climate Change, according to SolveCasters. Choose a Block below for more information. Or choose a different perspective above to view Blocks from that point of view.
More Block Classification Updated
Extinction of species Priority 1 month ago
Greenhouse gasses High Priority 1 month ago
Drought High Priority 1 month ago
Solar Energy Priority 1 month ago
Nuclear Power Priority 1 month ago
Health Care Priority 1 month ago
Amazon (company) Priority 1 month ago
Millennials Priority 1 month ago
Sustainability High Priority 1 month ago
Sustainable Energy Priority 1 month ago
Natural Gas Priority 1 month ago
Wildlife Priority 1 month ago
The World Priority 1 month ago
Construction High Priority 1 month ago

We have so much building stock existing that we can't just demo and redo. Like we have to be using these existing buildings. In one for one reason, primarily like from a climate change perspective, there is so much embodied energy in those existing buildings that we would basically be like releasing out into the atmosphere if we demo to them. And if we were crushing those materials down and putting more energy into making them something else, or they would go sit in a landfill. And we're also offsetting future carbon needed. By not needing to build a new building because we already have something existing. So they'll like automatically the amount of carbon we're using is way lower if we're starting with an existing building.
http://www.solvecast.com/articles/detail/15258-sustainable-design-resilience-planning-with-ariane-laxo [more]

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Trends are beginning to emerge, especially at the extremes in the frequency and magnitude of floods and droughts. These trends affect everything from local weather to where crops can grow, and have consequences that will ripple through communities today and in the coming century. https://climate.nasa.gov/news/2881/earths-freshwater-future-extremes-of-flood-and-drought/ ">https://climate.nasa.gov/news/2881/earths-freshwater-future-extremes-of-flood-and-drought/ [more]

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