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We’re reinventing how individuals and businesses stay informed.

From Covid-19 to climate change to technological advances, the world is experiencing rapid transformation. However, today's social media and news sources aren't designed to help address this dynamic. Media often focuses on what's new rather than what's important. Information is reducing connections rather than increasing empathy. The news is distracting us instead of helping us focus.

A solutions approach
Let's focus on solving. As individuals, we may be able to come together, get things done and reduce the noise if we focus on solving. As organizations, we can be more effective by enabling better tools to help us solve for our complex world of stakeholder needs, such as that of our customers, the planet and our communities.
Content crafted with purpose
We're building a content network that is designed to generate empathy and imagine possibilities. Topics include business, health/medicine, technology, policy, lifestyle and more.
Technology that enhances focus
A dashboard that helps you focus on what's important. For individuals, this includes managing the most important aspects of your life - such as your health, your family, your community, your career and your environment. For business, it means continuously learning about the outside world through the lens of your customers, employees, investors, communities and other stakeholders. SolveCast™ technology directly cultivates strategic thinking and promotes stakeholder capitalism.

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SolveCast™ addresses the shortcomings of social media and the news

Reduced Noise

Social media, newsletters and traditional sources strain us with information overload. SolveCast helps you focus on what's important, rather than what's new.

Clearer Content

Traditional information sources often create a gap between what the author intends to say versus what is interpreted. SolveCast content is structured to remove ambiguity and therefore help you make faster, more informed decisions.

Relevancy and context

SolveCast helps you understand the implications of the news in the context of your life, the effect on your family and how your activities impact the world.

No more bubbles

With SolveCast you can compare different perspectives, exploring what people think in and outside your world.

Identify Solutions

Technology built to solve

Instead of just media and text, SolveCast™ uses "Blocks".

"Blocks" are generated from the media (using machine learning), experts and the world around you. You can also define your own. It starts with your most important stakeholders... "My Health", "My Family", "My Community", "My Environment" and more. You then solve for each "stakeholder" by identifying and prioritizing a world of possibilities.

Content created with purpose

Connecting the "Blocks" with content made to make your life easier.

From Covid to Climate Change, now more than ever we need content that helps us focus on solving for what’s important. Unfortunately, media today is not meeting that need. We have a team of interviewers with backgrounds in broadcasting, economics, teaching, policy, medicine and health generating content to help you solve for what's important to you.

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