Solving For Retail Disruption and Covid-19 with Rich Kleinman Lasalle Investment Management

Connor McKnight speaks with Rich Kleinman, Head of US Research and Strategy at Lasalle Investments, about disruption in the retail space due to Covid-19.

Covid-19 has not only reduced retail revenue, but it has significantly accelerated retail disruption. Retail revenues are down, leaving some tenants unable to meet their obligations. This presents a challenge for landlords as they grapple with the need to balance short term options, long term strategy and the difficult externalities presented by the pandemic. Additionally, tenants have decisions to make: do they pay their rent, renegotiate or perhaps even close their doors? Rich explains the dynamics of the relevant stakeholders, including from the tenant perspective. This is a ubiquitous problem that impacts not only retailers across the globe, but also the communities these retail centers occupy.

Rich Kleinman

Connor McKnight


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The lives of retailers have been pretty fundamentally disrupted by what's going on. Restrictions on who can get in there, restrictions on how you can dine, restrictions on what you could do in these places that impacts their business and then impacts their ability to pay rent which impacts us and others as landlords.

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