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We're really trying to do is applying the best practices of creative placemaking and participatory design for communities, which is a well-established discipline to the energy landscape. Transformation because we need to recognize that these solar installations, wind installations or other kinds of renewable energy power plants are really adaptable, can be distributed.

They can be right into places that we live and work, and they're gonna transform our visual landscape, like nothing since the advent of the automobile brought the super highways across the world. We need to think proactively about what that actual implementation looks like. And so it's time for the energy developer community to really merge with the community design community to, to think about how this happens properly and equitably.
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We have some sustainability initiatives that are starting now that we will continue to have. We have a new waste hauler that will provide an an option for compost deliveries in hauling, which is great. There are several hundred people who've already signed up for that service, which really sets us apart from many of our neighbors that t even before the the new haulers starting... shows great interest in doing that and really so much better than our neighboring communities.

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