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It really comes down to the fact this cannot be a cookie cutter approach. Where vacant lots are identified for community solar and they are fence with barbed, wire and panels are put on the grounds and, you know, security cameras keep people out and it becomes this other, this thing that is a necessary evil in our community.

And it really doesn't have to be that way because solar is so versatile. It can Provide so many co-benefits and create beautiful places for people. And so if we can do that correctly, then we can serve the overall energy transition in a much better and more productive way and lead to more deployment.
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So what you're talking about is the idea of regenerative design. So we give that we would like our projects to give more back than we take. Can we say that using we're not only going to use less energy, so we're going to be less bad, but we're also going to generate enough energy to serve our needs and maybe even the needs of our neighbors. So being able to give some more back to the grid.
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