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Dan Shapiro, Candidate for Deerfield Mayor, Introduction and Priorities

There are a couple of things that are coming before the board or some priorities, and I expect we'll be tackling soon which I'm very excited about. One is our affordable housing ordinance. Right now it's in the plan commission at the planning commission for its consideration. Affordable housing has been something that we've been looking at and talking about for a number of years. Their recommendation will come to us probably in the next 30 to 60 days.

And then hopefully we'll be able to have an ordinance which allows us to achieve some affordable housing. Objectives and gives developers really an expectation of what they need to do in terms of that developments in and providing for housing for those who are less fortunate

Why Middle-Class Residents in Chicago Crushed a Church's Plan for Affordable Housing

As late as 2009, no suburban Chicago neighborhoods with economic upward mobility had LIHTC housing developments, which are typically apartment buildings. It’s gotten a little better since then, but, as WBEZ reporter Natalie Moore writes, “there is still resistance in many communities.”

Examples of that resistance can be found in Deerfield, an incorporated village just outside the North Side of Chicago with a white population above 95 percent and a median household income of $107,194. As Moore reports, when a local church came up with a plan to build homes on its lot that would serve households making in the $45,000 range with rents around $900 month, Deerfield residents pushed back. And not nicely.

The church was planning on using LIHTCs to build the units, but many Deerfielders felt that the development would basically be a “ghetto tax” on their neighborhood.

“They will not be as stable as people who already live here,” one Deerfield resident told a local newspaper there. “When people with lower income move in others will move out. That was my experience in Chicago and that was on the Gold Coast.”

Below are a few samples of letters that other Deerfield residents sent to the church developer earlier this year explaining why they hated the plan. There is a theme among the detractors: fear of their homes losing property value.

Dan Shapiro: Candidate For Deerfield Mayor

Especially now, I am a fiscal conservative. I say that because Covid-19 has adversely impacted the revenues we typically receive in the Village. Though we have a very strong budget and exemplary bond rating, we should try to defer non-essential capital improvements for a few years. I believe in making sure we keep our taxes as low a possible. Our finance director is outstanding and has this Village in a very strong financial condition, especially when compared with other communities due to our continued policy of remaining diligent and fiscally conservative.